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What To Watch Amidst A Pandemic: October Style

The older I get, the more I like Halloween and the month of October. Backwards? Probably, but let’s talk about it for a second. As a child, Halloween lasts for one day to one week maximum depending on which teacher you have that year. The other three weeks of the month, are…normal, minus a few …

Welcome Home.

To my soon-to-be T-Belles, I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to theTmedley where yes, the T stands for Tori, but call me Victoria. I started this blog originally to be able to share all of my thoughts, experiences and life phases as I begin coming to the end of my college years. I have a …

October in Austin: Kids-Free Events

Looking for holiday/festive events catered to adults? Me too, in this article I put together 5 events taking place in Austin, TX (booze cruises, wine festivals) that you can also find in a city near you.


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“In a world full of chaos, you either find a way or create your own.”

— Unknown

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