Stepping into the New Year the Right Way

img_2061I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed an odd sense of charm the second the clock hit midnight this previous New Year’s Eve. Something about the air has screamed ‘cultivate’ since and truthfully, I haven’t been this motivated to make the most of my year and stay productive while reaching new heights.

To do so, I’m following through on my commitment, creating stability and pushing myself to what I believe is my full version of myself every day, which brings me here. I’ve always had a jar full of passions, however, I’ve never been able to be sustainable. I’ve been writing all my life as a hobby and decided I want to turn it into a career, my freshman year of college. This being my first step to making something of myself and meaning what I say, below is a list of steps we can all take to make our year incredible.

1. Putting my money where my mouth is aka following my intuition.
The concept of life is easy in the sense that if you want to make something of yourself, it’s time you start investing in yourself. Not to mean that you take on more that you can handle but you do have to push yourself beyond your limits as much as you can. Take risks, practice or work on your craft(s) daily.

2. Retain radiance and positive energy.
Remember that you can only receive what you put out into the world. No one gets anywhere being pessimistic all the time, instead choose love and happiness. The more positive energy and self-confidence you exude, the more opportunities come your way.

3. Take “Busy” and “Hard” out of your vocabulary.
Now I’m not one for labeling especially when it comes to the temporary thing like an obstacle you get past or a task you’re forced to do with lack of what you feel is the right knowledge. However, many of us can be and it’s time for us to stop letting that exist. The problem is, adjectives are restrained entities while your mind is limitless. There’s nothing you can’t do.

4. Stop expecting.
The biggest hurtle many need to get over is predicting the end result. Rather than doing things for what one believes will happen or constantly expecting something back from giving, just do. Everyday, work on something whether it’s emitting something you’ve held onto for years, pushing yourself to work out for twenty minutes, three times a week, or taking on more work at home and at your job, stretch yourself as far as you can without expecting disappointment.

Days, weeks, and months fly by. You don’t want to be the one stuck on trying to figure out where all the time went while it seems everyone else made the perfect use of it. 12 months are not as long of a duration as it seems. Together, let’s work on making the “impossible” thing, possible.


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