10 Songs I’m Currently Obsessed With.

songsHey T-Belles! As we move into a new month, I can’t help but get even more anxious for summer. Even though many of us are sliding into “April Showers”, the sun has come out a little more frequently (despite the current thunderstorm) here in Central Texas. So, to embrace this moody but revitalizing weather currently, I’ve complied an ‘April’ playlist and a ‘feelsss good’ playlist to which you all can check out and follow at any point on my Spotify. Out of both of these recent playlists, here are 10 songs I’ve been utterly obsessed with lately:

sadSAD! by XXXTentacion – I would recommend for late teens or young adults. XXXTentacion was an extremely controversial artist upon initial popularity that turned off many, including myself. However, after listening to his latest album, I’ve discovered that he’s one of the few artists in the music industry today who is depicting their truth in its extreme rawness. In this song, one can connect with a variety of things, two being a false illusion of happiness/toxicity and mental health issues. Click here to listen now!

blessingBlessing by Joe Trufant – I absolutely love this song almost in a nostalgic sense. I identify this song as any romance in its beginning stages especially when in your youth. Oddly enough, something about this song is deeply satisfying.  Click here to listen now!


freshman lisrtFreshman List by NAV – One of my favorite artists. As many know, the “Freshman List” is full of new artists making their way into the industry. Lately, however, many have argued that it seems like the ones making it to the list or doing so solely based off popularity rather than actual talent. In this song, NAV boasts about his talent and how he as an artist feels he’s been overlooked, though it doesn’t matter much now. Click here to listen now!

psychoPsycho by Post Malone ft. Ty Dolla Sign – Let me start this off by saying in my alternate universe, Post Malone is my actual husband. In all seriousness, I connected with Post Malone’s music way before him being my husband or not even mattered. Many felt that he was a one hit wonder and still today can’t stand his fearless self-expression. As an artist, Post Malone is a true creator as you can see in all of his songs; Posty + Ty Dolla = a song that can’t be worn out. Click here to listen now!

070 shakeI Laugh When I’m With Friends But Sad When I’m Alone by 070 Shake – One of my favorite breakout artists of the last year or two. All members in the 070 group are extremely creative and similarly to XXXTentacion and Post Malone, they aren’t afraid to speak their truths while expressing everything they are. In this song, Shake relates the rough time she’s been going through to the rough life she’s lived and the masking of it all (in a sense), allowing us to get to know her more. Click here to listen now!

kingKing by Ryder – I’m not too familiar with this artist but absolutely love her voice and her creative mind on this track. This is such a feel good song with a combination of many different technicalities people search for just one of at a time. Here, Ryder sings about how she’s been treated like a queen in her relationship. Click here to listen now!

melanin magicMelanin Magic (Pretty Brown) by Remy Ma ft. Chris Brown – OMG! This is a song that I would always catch the end of on the radio or see Chris Brown’s name and tune out until it was featured on ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’, (I know…guilty pleasure) reality TV show featuring Remy Ma. Remy Ma is such a knowledgeable and courageous artist/ activist who makes you want to do more. In this song, both Remy Ma and Chris Brown empower all types of melanin, specifically those with darker skin as skin has always been connected to beauty ideals within our society. Most importantly, this song screams exuberance and reminds you to be your most authentic self, every day.  Click here to listen now!

pamilayoPamilayo by Zizibo – The tropical vibes easily have you hooked by the arm within the first 30 seconds and the message is even better. I’m just now discovering Zizibo but will tell you guys, I’ve made everybody sick with the amount of times I’ve played this song as well as some of his others. Anything that exudes positivity and sunshine has my name all over it. Zizibo tells everyone to remain whom they are, despite what anybody has to say.  Click here to listen now!

insecureInsecure by Amara La Negra – Breaking out internationally is Amara La Negra who many know from ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ as controversy arose over her appearance and ethnicity. Amara La Negra has a beautiful voice and though super slow tempo songs aren’t typically my favorite,  there’s a taste of earthy upbeat tones that refresh the tune anybody can connect to as many of us experience insecurity at one point.  Click here to listen now!

4u4u by Blackbear – This song gives me a taste of all the awkward excitement I held after finally entering the world as an 18 year old. As I was transferring from high school to college out of state, I spent most of my summer days out exploring with friends and laughing with family where I had to undergo many changes and deal with budding romances. Click here to listen now!

These are artists from all different spectrums, helping balance the playlist out and creating one good song for everyone (most of us). Of course, these opinions are all my own so I am more than positive that we may have differing views. However, still give these songs a try, tell me what you do and don’t like about them or even make your own post of your favorite songs currently and tag me in it (I’m always looking for more music)!!

Check out my full April playlist here My April Playlist

Check out some feel good music here My ‘feelsss good’ playlist



4 thoughts on “10 Songs I’m Currently Obsessed With.

  1. Hahaha…im exactly the same way, most of the music I know is from weird places, when I hear a sound a few words that I like Im on google… then I find the song, then the artist then other songs from the artist, then I put my playlist on repeat…

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  2. AHAHA to make up for it, I’m known to find music very randomly/in really weird places so most people who know me don’t know of the songs I live for until I force them to listen!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I loveeee music and pride myself in being quite knowledgeable when it comes to artistes and songs… Can you imagine my disappointment because I do.not.know. ANY of theseee…hahah… I will have to check these out…Thanks…

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