My Go-To Spring Skincare Products.


Hi T-Belles! Currently Central Texas has been dealing with a thunderstorm, creating some really warm days in between, as many of us know. Because of this moody weather lately, the urge to put on makeup has been lacking, so instead I’ve been doing the unbearable thing for many: leaving the house (mostly) bare-faced. There are two crucial things you all should know about me:

One: As much as I love makeup, if the weather isn’t right outside I’m not putting it on

Two: I don’t play any games when it comes to skincare because of thing #1

Growing up, my family and I were constantly being told how great of skin we had which to me seemed silly as all I did was wash my skin with soap and water – moisturizing afterwards took too long! The older I got, the lesser the compliments until one day I looked into the mirror and could barely recognize the dull, lifeless and semi-acne filled skin that once used to ooze with dewiness on its own. I struggled for MONTHS to find the right skincare products for my skin and even damaged my skin more from all of my trial and error until finally I discovered 5 amazing products that I use almost daily to ensure I’m giving myself the right nutrients it needs. Here are 5 of my must have skincare products and where to find them. They’re also perfect for sensitive skin!

  1.  Aromatherapy: Comfort – Vanilla +Patchouli, Body Wash and Foam Bath; Bath & Body Works, $13.50 (right now there’s a $10 off $30 promotion, time to stock up!)
  2. Coco Shea Honey: 24-hour moisture (they’re not kidding), Body Lotion; Bath & Body Works, $13.50
  3. L’oreal: Age Perfect Cell Renewal, Night Face Cream; Local drugstore & Ulta, $19.99 (differs according to store it’s purchased at)
  4. Leaders Labotica: Transforming Liquid Foil Mask; Ulta, on sale now for $19.20 (originally $32.00)
  5. Twila True Beauty: True Renewal Oil, great for hair, body, face and nails; Ulta & Amazon, $48.00 (it’s a vegan product too!)

Sure, skincare regimens can sometimes be lengthy and just like everyone else, you may slack in consistency at times but I promise you – someone who used to think skincare routines were unnecessary – it’s so worth it. I know there are so many of us out there who feel insecure about our blemishes on our skin and that there are so many out there who run to makeup as their security blanket but what happens on a day where you just don’t have time to put your ‘face’ on?

From the moment you read this, I encourage you to take 7 days off of whatever your mask is and soothe yourself. If it’s makeup, go a week without makeup and a week with an extensive skincare routine then notice the difference in how you feel, don’t worry you’ll survive. To encourage each other, start by commenting down below what your mask is – it could be something large or something small – go on your journey then make a post in response and tag me in it so I can view all of your courageous journeys. Check out some of the products listed above while you’re at it. See you later Belles!




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