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2018 Austin Beer and Music Festival.

beer festThis weekend was the 1st annual Austin Beer and Music festival headlined by Zoodust (a 90s party band) hosted by Rockstar Beer.

First and foremost the event was on a beautiful Austin day at Stubb’s BBQ, a local favorite for musical venues. We stood in a line that ran around the corner and down the block and it took about 20 mins before we got inside. Once we made it through security we were handed a small tasting cup and a sampling card good for 30 tastings.

The lines for beer were no joke and they had everything craft beer lovers seek out plus food. Some was offered by Stubb’s themselves and a few food trucks were featured as well. Everyone was talking about the Filipino truck, Elsie’s which had the most delicious pork and chicken egg rolls. All of the breweries represented were Texas local. Although most of the beers we happened to taste were bitter, there was a wide variety in style. From Gose to Porters, Stouts and Pales, variety was in abundance.

We were pleased with all the options but the crowd made it almost impossible to try all 30 beers in 4 hours. All in all I think the event was disorganized and could’ve used a more exclusive size for the vip grouping. The idea was solid and the venue was large but the planning wasn’t there. Hopefully next year’s a little more thought out.

Cheers, Nessa

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