5 Affordable Online Clothing Stores for the Average College Student

shoppingHey T-Belles! Since Spring has finally arrived and the warmer weather is prompting us to look presentable, I put together a brief list of GREAT online shops to order from when looking for something affordable. For my fellow college students out there, I’d say that this is a great starter pack for cheap finds throughout the year, but of course this is the perfect shopping starter kit for anyone.

FN1. The ‘something for everyone’, trendy but affordable favorite: Fashion Nova! Thousands of clothing items, updated regularly, quick shipping, justifiable prices and there’s always a discount code ready to go!

2. UO 2The comfortable and trendy: Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters can tip the scale at times but they have so many unique pieces as well as many retro pieces that you just can’t miss out!

asos 23. High fashion feels at affordable prices with constant sales: ASOS. The perfect place when looking for a little bit of everything with many hints of sophistication. This is where you go when you want to look like a grown up while emphasizing your youth.

4. misguidedWhen you really want to feel ‘bad and bougie’: Missguided is your girl! Just like ASOS, Missguided can be more on the higher edge of the scale but with their constant collaborations with some of your favs (possibly), a fresh taste is always left in your mouth, making you crave more.

F215. The affordable golden treasure: Forever 21. We all know and love this one. Of course: the older you get, the harder it is to shop here but you never know what you’ll find so don’t ever rule this affordable option out!

A few other favorites of mine that I have yet to purchase from are:

  1. Naked Wardrobe
  2. Pretty Little Thing
  3. Shein
  4. Zaful 

Comment down below: What are your top 3 favorite online stores?

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  1. Lol, they can get pretty pricey but shopping will always be a strategy game, you just have to figure out what works for you! If purchasing from a more expensive store then I just limit the amount of items I can get and only do it on a reward basis. 🙂

    Love the comparison between Boohoo and ASOS, I’ll have to check them out!

    Thanks so much. ✨

  2. I must be really cheappppp because save for Forever21 the others are EXPENSIVE… I love shopping at ASOS when I want to feel extra. Urban Outfitters is a definite no no and Fashion Nova’s only saving grace is their discount codes…whew…

    I’ve only recently discovered Pretty Little Thing, So far my wallet is loving it…My go to sites though are Boohoo and ASOS. PLT has also been added… I find Boohoo to be the cheaper version of ASOS and it’s a hit or miss with them. They seem to be related to PLT it’s the exact layout. Nice post…!

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