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2c4f8dd8-f0d8-4bbc-bb2e-e3f0139d3dbcHAPPY MAY 4TH, T-BELLES! Many of you may not know but May is my birthday month so of course, it’s my very favorite month. Over the past few years I’ve gotten in touch with my spiritual side. I like to check my horoscope as often as I can to see what it predicts and how accurate it truly is. I have a habit of consistently checking my tarot reading for my zodiac sign (Taurus) at the beginning of each month. This is my response to the below YouTube May 2018 Tarot Reading for all of my fellow Taureans out there (or those who are just interested).

6 swordsThe 6th of Swords – Music to my ears! A lot of us are our own biggest critics and as I’ve had a few minor changes this past semester, I’ve spent a lot of time searching for the validation I needed in where my life path was taking me. Of course, I’ve waited to hear this for months and have dwelled on past decisions wondering what my life would be now had I chose differently but the 6th of swords gently reminded me I’m exactly where I need to be.

8 pent8 of Pentacles – Now that I’m wrapping up my Spring semester, I’ve found a new drive for putting work into the brand I am creating. No matter what I’m doing, I like to incorporate as many people, things and opinions as I possibly can. This was my affirmation that what I’m doing is something I’m passionate about. I have a lovely team and wonderful support; if I really want to make something out of “nothing”, then I need to start acting like it and get things done.

towerThe Tower – The transformation. After such a stressful semester with many life changing events taking place, I have been looking forward to something revitalizing. One thing you’ll learn about me, T-Belles, is that I absolutely love the idea of change and am always trying to transcend not only myself but every single thing around me. With that being said, though transforming is always a process, I am so excited to meet this form I or my world transitions into.

king wandsKing of Wands – Passion, one of the Taurus’ favorite things. It took me so long to understand why I’m such a sensible person, meaning I feel everything from the second I walk into a new environment, as little as going from my bedroom to the living room. Many find it admirable and interesting that I understand, appreciate, and find beauty in everything. Though I love this about myself as well, ironically this makes it very hard to impress me in any way. Knowing that potentially something or someone very passionate or dynamic is going to come my way, excites me as I always hope for other things and people who share that same trait to connect with.

7 cups7 of Cups – Another much needed lovely reminder that I will be very goal oriented. For someone likes me who loves being busy especially when it comes to productivity but can also get distracted very easily, it’s great to know I’ll be focused this month.

high priestessHigh Priestess – Humorously enough, I had a thought to myself the other day that I needed to get back to being in tune with my creative visions and executing them as I used to do with everything I touched. The High Priestess reassured me that it’s time I start believing in my potential again. 

empressEmpress – Along with the High Priestess, the Empress solely wants me to follow my intuition once more – something I always preach to others and used to be so well at. In stressful situations, it’s easy to become susceptible to doubt. From this point on, I’m going to make it a mission to teach myself how to listen to my inner voice even in the hardest of times specifically if I’m serious about my career goals.

6 pentacles6th of Pentacles – Rewards. Just recently, I found myself asking the universe when I was going to receive something genuinely pleasant as I feel like I’m constantly giving. Don’t get me wrong, that’s my favorite thing to do and something I’ll do for as long as I possibly can. However, kind of similar to the King of Wands, sometimes it’s just nice to get something in return that says, “Hey, I notice you, keep up the great work”. Interestingly enough, for the past few years I’ve been very health conscious and recently have been on a fitness journey.The 6th of pentacles is assuring me that I am going to be seeing both physical and materialistic changes as a payback to all my work.

the sunThe Sun – JOY! I’m so thrilled to have such a positive, radiant, joyous month which is all the sun really means as long as I stay true to the other 8 tarot cards and trust in what I’m doing.

I was so shocked and excited to hear that I have a lot to look forward to this month, especially coming out of such a daunting month (in my opinion and I’m sure in the opinion of many other college students). Even if you don’t understand the terminology, tarot readings are always such an interesting thing to read into and may provide you the validation you didn’t even know you needed. May has already been such a fun and blessed month, I hope all you get to experience the same.

Comment down below. What’s your zodiac sign? What have you learned about your zodiac sign recently that is scary accurate! 🙂




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  1. Omg we love a Pisces!! So cool! Thank you for the idea, I’ll totally make that more of a priority! 🙂

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