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My 15 Minute Makeup Routine

timerHey T-Belles! I hope you’re all having an amazing week! I’ve been having a great week so far despite minor illness. Lately I’ve been getting more compliments than usual on my makeup and appearance, although I’m not sure why. Some days I’m hopping out of bed, eating breakfast, scrambling to get ready, then racing to class. On others, I’m studying or working all day, working out for an hour and a half, getting ready, then racing to get to class.

Because I haven’t had infinite amounts of time on my hands I’ve been forced to go with a quicker makeup routine than normal (no time to pack on the makeup or try new things). Recently I’ve just been putting on the basics. I’m actually quite excited that I found a makeup routine that doesn’t take two hours. This is perfect for the woman constantly on the go or the woman who hates absorbing too much time into her makeup. Also, if you’re one of those who loves to wear makeup, this just might be your new go-to, especially on “lazy” days or sick days.

15 Minute Makeup Routine:

1First and foremost, no primer. We’re in a hurry and want to look good, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.


2Quickly dab about three drops of foundation on your face. For those of you who put multiple layers of foundation on typically, now isn’t the time. We’re building on top of the foundation anyway so as long as we have a nice thin even layer on our face, we’re ahead of the game. (This takes 45 seconds to a little under 2 minutes).

3I know you’re thinking I’m crazy for not doing eyebrows first. When doing your eyebrows quickly, you don’t have to be as precise as you typically would. Rather than outlining them then filling them in (and repeating until I get them perfect), I simply brush them and add the slightest touch of pomade emphasizing the fronts and ends of my eyebrows to make them look nice and full, then I move on. (3 minutes MAX).

4Next step…highlighting. Typically, I use three different creamy liquid concealers to highlight. However, when in a hurry, put two-three dots of concealer on your forehead, underneath each eye, on the lower tip of the nose, and above the jawline. Blend with a beauty blender and just like that, you’re already 45% done. (This takes 4-5 minutes).

5Rather than go for the extravagant eye like I always attempt to do. Just go for a nude eye shadow and I mean very nude to the point that’s it’s just a shade or two lighter or darker than your complexion. Get a little bit of product, then lightly fan it onto your eyelids. (This takes about 45 – 90 seconds).

6The best part: the contour. Because we are in a hurry, our blending may not be 100% perfect and that’s fine. Trust me when I say, the sun has our back when it comes to setting our makeup even further. We want to make sure to get a good amount of product on the brush so that it takes less application time. Because this is a quicker routine, the end result is going to be more natural so there’s no need to cake it on! (This takes 2 to 3 minutes).

7The grand finale: EYELASHES. If you have medium length lashes like myself and mascara just doesn’t do it for you, then your look won’t be complete without eyelashes. This step is simple and shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes. Brush a little mascara on them at the end and you’re good to go. I recommend Lash Studio Effects Demi Wispies.

More or less, if I, someone who takes three hours to get ready on a usual day can pull this off without a struggle, so can all of you. Of course, more times than not if you have limited time to get ready, the last thing on your mind will be putting a full face of makeup on. However, these are for the days you still want to slay, even in just a limited way. Let me know how you guys like this routine and/or how it differs from yours!!

See you later, T-Belles;

Love, Tori.

I’m always looking for new eyelashes to try, what’s your current favorite?

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