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How I Organize My Closet

33e988e8-106d-4e7f-86e8-676a00c7d715-1Those of you struggling with how to organize a small closet may find this helpful. For the last few months, I’ve been trying to find a closet organization system that works for me. My main issue is trying to figure out how to accommodate for all of my  wardrobe for the various seasons. I have a major closet renovation coming up that I’ll share. In the meantime, I had to reorganize and find a simple system that would work for me now.

First, my preferences:

  1. Most recommend having a dedicated area for pants and jeans. However, I find that to be an eye sore. I prefer to mix my pants and jeans in with the rest of my clothes.
  2. Some typically organize clothes by color or clothing type (blouses, sweaters, tees, etc.). I prefer to organize my clothes by importance/clothes I am likely to wear more often.
  3. Velvet hangers and pants hangers with clips are a must for me.

With no more to be said, welcome to my closet!

Note: my closet is on the smaller side, however it’s pretty deep so you guys are only seeing a fraction of it.



Section One: Everyday casual dressy/Everyday casual loungewear. For days where you actually want to look decent, your cute but not too crazy pieces are here. Because loungewear can be cute when it’s intentional, your cutest comfy “out-the-house” loungewear pieces are slightly featured in this section.





Section Two: ‘Showing out’/Jackets. The section you come to when you feel amazing and want to look even better. I have a ton of jackets of all different sizes so I put them in the back of the most open area of my closet.






Section Three: Quick Change/Casual. The quick, simple outfit best for when you’re in a hurry.





Baskets are great because they give your closet the illusion of having more space without the clutter. They’re super easy to pull out to get to those quick grab items.

Reorganizing my closet was a three day long process (I was on the go so I had to do bits and pieces at a time). This has especially been a task since my family and I have moved in to this home as I’m used to larger/walk-in closets. Nonetheless, organizing my closet has been such a fun experience as I get to be more creative. If you’re similar to me and feel that having a pristine closet helps jump start your day and further betters your mood, this may give you some ideas.



How often do you reorganize your closet? What are some of your preferences when it comes to closet organization?

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