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The To-Do List: 05/28 – 06/04

d9d5af85-a128-4739-9610-1f93e0494d4bWelcome back, T-Belles and Happy Memorial Day! I just had a birthday recently. It was a 3 day long event that took me a week to recover from. Because of this, I’ve gotten way off track when it comes to productivity.  To get back on schedule, I’ve decided to post my weekly to-do lists here so that you all can not only hold me accountable but can be a little more encouraged to get what you need to get done as well. Let’s jump right into to my goals for this week!

✓  Blog:

  • Write 2 new posts this week
  • Post & Write a music post of the month
  • Update “Vibes of the Month” to June (May flew by this year didn’t it?)
  • Start scouting for an upcoming post about other blogs I’m loving (Drop a link to your favorites down below)

✓ Film:

  • Film the 7 scene, 4 minute short film I’ve been putting off for weeks
  • Edit & post the 7 scene, 4 minute short film I’ve been putting off for weeks
  • Conduct three photoshoots this week for both blog posts and social media accounts

✓ Side Project: 

  • Finalize digital visual for interior side project A
  • Finalize digital visual for interior side project B

✓ Health:

  • Work out for at least 2 hours, 4 times this week and for at least 15 minutes on the ‘off’ days
  • Stay focused and stay away from starches/carbs for 6 days (If you’re interested to see a “What I Eat” post, let me know)
  • Let the wine be a reward for executing what I need to get done
  • Do my full skincare routine at least 3 times this week

✓ Personal: 

  • Call dad 4 times this week
  • Detail clean the house
  • Check in on friends every other day if not every day
  • Pack early and wisely for the three day trip later this week
  • Practice French/brush up on Spanish
  • Focus on watching at least one educational thing four times this week
  • Stop staying up so late

I’ll be posting my weekly To-Do list every Monday. In response to each To-Do list, I will post a brief follow-up summary each Sunday to let you know how it went. I encourage all of you belles to do the same and tag me and one other person in it! For this week, I’d love to see what @EllaErisBeauty and @Kalon have on their To-Do Lists!

Share this with a friend and challenge each other. Stay connected with us by looking for @thetmedley on social media if you aren’t already! Be sure to follow us so you don’t miss out on our upcoming posts.

Comment down below: What is one thing that dramatically helps you be productive or focus?

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