5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent 2Life is an obstacle course. At times we question how we’re going to battle with it. Well, the secret is to constantly evolve. As with anything, eventually you have to conform and then re-conform, over and over again. The problem? Many of us are too afraid of change to want to try. Let me give you a few undeniable reasons why reinvention is crucial.

stand outYou’ve probably heard the expression “If the shoe fits, then wear it” and “If it’s not broke, then don’t fix it”. Do the opposite, challenge everything. By cooperating with standards that have been around for centuries, we’re allowing ourselves to settle. Rather than fighting for what you want you begin to deem the things you like but believe to be unobtainable or unnecessary. But T-Belles remember, if you wanted it at one point it’s not unnecessary and by convincing yourself you don’t need things you may have to work 4 times harder for, you’re weakening yourself. Break the routine of trying to fit the societal mold otherwise you’re only as good as everyone around you, just be you. 

rainAdaptability. I don’t doubt that every single one of us has had a period in their life of being the “bully” aka the mean girl or guy. Whether it was by being fake towards others, saying and thinking harsh things, doing things intentionally that you know would upset others, it all counts. In fact, I want us all to think about this: If we were forced to be the same person we were at the meanest point of our lives, for the rest of our lifespan, how ugly would the world look? The thoughts you have reflect where you are within yourself. The second you have a tainted thought, ask yourself why and then delete it. When you walk around with a negative mind, you cripple yourself. Free it, every time. Resetting your mind is a long, daunting process but you’ll get to the point where you don’t have to and the clearer your mind, the lighter your mind, the more you’re able to adapt. A negative mind is a closed mind.

reinventWithout reinvention, you can’t progress. So, instead of asking yourself why you’re stuck in one area or why you don’t seem to be gaining any success in something, realize this and ask yourself what else you can do. Sometimes you’re not getting any career luck because there’s something in your mind holding you back, go for a walk a couple of times a week by yourself. Go through your mind and figure out the basis of all the thoughts you’ve been holding. In life, something holding you back may seem completely unrelated to something you want which is exactly why we have to make it a point to stop neglecting ourselves, thoughts and feelings.

changeChange influences your drive. Just as I encouraged you all to constantly edit your mind until you no longer have to, you must constantly push yourself to try harder in every aspect, often. Then eventually comes change in the little things that later translate to change in larger things. Stop stressing yourself out to be the first one to work or completely on time for that appointment. Now, I’m not recommending you show up late in these two scenarios. However, instead of rushing to be there ten minutes early, leave at the last possible time you can get there decently. You’ll soon notice how much more prepared and relaxed you are as that gave you a few more minutes for you. Of course this is a gradual change and like any other change you may not like it at first, but in a few months, notice how much better you’ve been feeling even if it’s in that one area. If I had an option to sleep in or lounge around for an extra ten minutes instead of being ten minutes early then having to wait on everyone else, of course I’m going to choose me.  Show up early because you want to, not because you feel like you have to.

new beginningTo change is to allow yourself to have new beginnings. Life is never a flat line however, many believe so. Rather than believing “Oh well, I’m going to die alone anyway” or “I’m going to be doing ___ forever,” realize that those are fears speaking even if you don’t register them as such then tell yourself no. Be the change you didn’t have or see growing up. More importantly, remember that if you were really okay with the way your life is going, you wouldn’t constantly be talking or thinking about it. My favorite thing to say is allow yourself a series of chances. If you see something that for a second you might want, then don’t only start asking for it but start doing something about it as the outcome will most likely be twice what you have imagined.

Here’s the thing: if you’re somebody who believes “I’ll always be like this” or “that’s just the way I am and it’s not going to change,” then you’re a part of the problem living in a world full of excuses. I encourage you all to push yourself to break that habit you can’t stand, every day. Change may seem scary but trust me, once you do it, you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t sooner.

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  1. Thank you so much ✨ it is, that’s the biggest part we have to accept is that change is a constant, so by avoiding it you’re really hurting yourself in ways deeper than many assume. But that’s all it’s about though is to try! Push yourself and as long as you put effort in, you’re going to get a result! Stick with it! 🙂

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