5 Songs I’ve Been Blasting All Month

IMG_1404Welcome back T-Belles! I’ve been discovering recently that like me, many of us are always on the search for new music which is partially why I find the “Mood of The Month” section to be so important. Since many of you enjoyed my “10 Songs I’m Currently Obsessed With”, I’m back with another version of songs I’m obsessed with but this time the ‘feels’ edition. How many of you are like me and have an oddly deep appreciation for low-tempo, “pain-staking” music? No matter what mood I’m in, I’m always listening to music that plays with the emotions. You don’t want to go without knowing these any longer…

irich‘Reason To Love You’ by IRich – Not only do people have such a hard time addressing their feelings or pain when they feel betrayed, it hasn’t always been common for men to openly express their emotions which is what makes this song so special among IRich’s soft and sultry voice. Everyone can connect to this song even if what IRich sings about hasn’t been a personal experience of yours. Click here to listen!

Chelsea Cutler‘Sleeping With Roses’ by Chelsea Cutler – The instrumental and track ratio are so harmonious that you may even forget to listen to the lyrics, though you’ll still definitely feel them. Chelsea’s sweet but rigid voice has an interesting way of taking over your entire body. Not to mention, this interlude introduces Chelsea as a real artist not just a singer. This is a song that I want everybody to play at least once a day! Click here to listen!

Majid Jordan‘King City’ by Majid Jordan – Before anything, I will warn you that this is an extremely low tempo song, best for a car ride or a late night especially when focusing on something. Similar to IRich, Majid has such a soft and sweet voice that captivates you immediately. In ‘King City’, you’re bound to feel like the only girl (or guy) in the world in the best way. Even if for a second, you have to give this one a shot! Click here to listen!

lonely alone‘Lonely Alone’ by Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler – Chelsea’s back at it again and pulls you into the song as soon as it starts. For a second, you almost forget that this is an emotional song and can’t help but want to dance and sing along to this one. Later Jeremy blesses the song as he has a very similar voice to Chelsea just in a different key which makes this song almost magic. Each verse feels like hiking up a rolling hill mountain. By far, my favorite song out of all of them. Click here to listen!

Juice WrldLucid Dreams’ by Juice WRLD – Juice WRLD made his appearance by storm in the music industry with his mellow but harsh voice tones. Like all of the mentioned artists, Juice Wrld touches into his interpersonal feelings and sings about a heartbreak he’s attempting to recover from. On the track, you’ll notice the beat goes in and out of being mild and slow/smooth. This pairs nicely with what he’s saying. This is a good song to drive to, workout to, play at any time of the day really as it has those up tempo hints. Click here to listen!

These have seriously been my favorite lately and since I’m always looking and finding new music, it’s only right to share with my Belles. I hope these set the tone for your next few days and stay on the lookout for another edition of songs I’m obsessed with in the near future.

What songs are you currently obsessed with?


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