How To Love Yourself A Little More & Why

“Of all the people I’ve hurt, I’ve hurt myself the most; I owe myself an apology.”

– autumn

Good morning T-Belles and happy #affirmationtuesdayAs we not only are making it through another page this week, we’re also beginning to exit the chapter we’ve currently been stuck inWe all swallow wavering chunks of life meaning we have our moments when we feel unstoppable, quick-witted and spicy then we also have our moments where we don’t feel very much at all and do the best we can to “get the job done”. So how can we start working towards feeling better than ourselves again? 

I live a very passion fueled life. Personally, I struggle with making excuses. Maybe out of my everlasting love/hate relationship with commitment, wanting to have a “blast from the past” where I have a day or two of doing absolutely nothing until that turns into a week or two or always being reminded that “I’m doing too much” that I stop wanting more for myself. No matter what the excuse is, remember you are your biggest downfall and even though it’s easy to be influenced by everything you’re not doing, you have to remain true to who you are and what you want. The best way to do this is to allow yourself to stay inspired and remind yourself of 3 of your best qualities. Try identifying qualities that have either been the most crippling or stimulative for you in the past couple of months. For example, here are my three:

Tuesday21. I always want to do more with no complaints or expectations. I’m the kind of person who will have a jam packed 16 hour day but will still say yes to something else. 

2. I’m filled with so much compassion even at unpopular times or when discussing unpopular opinions. As a woman who knows what it means to be lost and then found, I don’t ever have it in me to chastise anyone who is not on my path for I don’t know what they see, feel or think. Oddly, many times I like to put myself at stake if I know I can get through to someone else.

3. My positivity, resilience and determination (yes I had to pull a 3 in one) but for me these things go hand in hand. I’m not positive because I need to be, I’m positive because I want to be. Life happens, we all experience things, but I know what it feels like to spend too many years holding on to something you could’ve let go the day it happened. As mentioned in my “Why It’s Important To Reinvent Yourself” post, when you think about the negative things you allow in your life, realize how many things you let obtain the space you could have been filling with positive experiences that make you feel good. Resilience because I was once such an evading person who allowed myself to be uncomfortable with my past truths so that I can appreciate the ones I have now. Determined because life has and always will be a challenge but instead of feeling disappointment or being consumed with the thought that there’s no way through it, I stay present so that every moment can be a teachable one. 

So my three best qualities are well thought out but that doesn’t mean yours have to be. Yours can be anything from your smile to your wonderful taste in shoes. It doesn’t always have to be such a deep thing, in fact we have to acknowledge every part of us to fully evolve. While figuring out your three best qualities remember that for now knowing “why” is just a bonus;  the more important part is knowing “what” you’re answering “why” to. 

What are your favorite qualities about yourself? 







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