5 Best Cardio Workouts – No Gym Required

skinnyHappy #workoutwednesday T-Belles!! As I start this hump day off with a quick but tough workout to keep me in that productive head space for the rest of the week, I realized I’ve been keeping my hidden workout treasures to myself! Many of us think we can only work out efficiently at a gym or with a personal trainer. I enjoy both of those but it’s not always convenient and doesn’t always work with my  schedule. So what do I do … adjust!

Between your space at home and outside, you already have the greatest resources for a good workout. Here are a few of my ventures. The best part, you don’t have to be fit to do them!

RunRun! Probably the most therapeutic, liberating thing I’ve ever done. For those who think running is too hard, you can do it. When running try to stick to areas with curves and hills. Variety in your route makes you want to run longer and does more for your body internally and externally.

Power walk! My mom and I like to power walk around the 2 mile lake by our house. Just like running, find a path with various types of land.  This is a perfect simple cardio solution and a great way to get time in with a buddy!

Jump rope! I’ll never forget the first day with my personal trainer when I was forced to do 500 jump ropes. I thought “jump ropes?! I’m not a little kid!”. Every day the number of jump ropes drastically increased.  Now I do 1500-2000 jump ropes in a single session on my own 3 times a week. This is a great workout to get your stamina up and get those calories burning!  

Dance! Give Zumba or belly dancing a try. These are fun, hearty options. You burn calories quick in what feels like minimal work at times and strenuous work at others. If nothing else, you become a better dancer!

Do a strenuous activity! My family and I always have and still LOVE tennis. We may not be professionals but it’s not hard to get the basics down and that’s what’s important. A game of Tennis or something like it makes you want to play another round and another and another. One of the best activities to engage in!

There you have it, 5 cardio workouts that don’t require a gym. Later, we’ll get into other types of exercises and workouts you can do outside of the gym. Until then, treat yourself with a workout today, even if it’s just for 15 minutes.

Keep pushing, T-Belles.



What cardio workouts do you do outside of the gym?


2 thoughts on “5 Best Cardio Workouts – No Gym Required

  1. Hill sprints!! They are killer. 3-5 reps of sprints, depending on how steep your hill is, gets harder and harder. Great for those us trying to build our bootys but still need some good calorie burning!

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