Makeup Find Monday: My 5 Product Face

Goodmorning T-Belles! If you read my #spiritualsunday piece then you know this week is all about challenges! To start, I figured why not do something different with my makeup! I always attempt to do a natural look but am never successful so I figured what better way to slowly get me there than to only use 5 products on my face? This is great for those of you who need a quick makeup look, a natural makeup look or just aren’t really into makeup in the first place! If normally, the word “makeup” intimidates you but you long to have something on your face so that you look more “day ready”, try this with me!

The 5 makeup products we’re going to use are foundation, bronzer (or blush), false eyelashes (or mascara), eyebrow gel, and a lipstick (or lip gloss).

These are the products I used:


OKAY, I cheated! I ended up using both the mascara and the eyelashes, two lipsticks and did a little bit of highlighting in some areas. Overall though, I got a very natural look which I’m still in awe of. I think it was pretty successful!

The results:


Hoping you’re well,





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