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Spiritual Sunday: Defining Your Needs

Happy Sunday T-Belles! While we recap our past weeks and weekend, it’s important to declare what kind of week we want to have, starting today. Here’s the thing: your house is dirty, you feel exhausted after the quick weekend and before tomorrow comes you just want to relaxWe all do. But before we can have a nice day of binging shows in our pajamas, we have to work for it. How do we work for it? Through manifestation. How do we manifest things? By defining our wants and our needs. Yes, I know, “I”m sick of hearing about this manifestation thing, I doubt it really works.”  Well, luckily you have me to show you why you’re going to want to try it this week.

To define your wants for this week, think of what was an obstacle last week. Were you late to work? Did you have a hard time getting up? Somehow you couldn’t manage to finish everything you needed to in the day or you felt like a chicken running in opposite directions? Yeah, me too. And I don’t know about you but I CANNOT bear another week of that. Instead, I have to do some very simple things.

First, I have to ask myself why? Well, I start my day off super early and productive but begin to crash at about 1pm due to my lack of sleep the night before. By the end of the day I’m left with a handful of uncompleted tasks. What do I want this week to look like? Productive, relaxing, and fun. I also want it to be organized. No more nights spent lying awake until the crack of dawn and definitely, no more excuses. 

Now we can make our list of needs. My list is as follows:

  • Instead of staying up late for my “me time”,  I’ll wake up earlier (nothing too crazy). I’ll spend an hour meditating and watching something that’ll get me motivated, I may even straighten up my room while doing so.
  • Instead of taking naps during the day, I’ll force myself to have a consistent bedtime and say no to whatever sounds tempting past it.
  • I’ll start working out in the middle of the day for shorter periods of time so that I’m not trying to throw what I’m working on together to get my workout in.
  • On days that I have to shoot, I’ll get ready for it in the beginning of my day that way I can’t procrastinate or reschedule.
  • Instead of skipping meals, I’ll eat several times throughout the day. Nothing too heavy but enough to get full.

Overall my drastic change will be staying on a strict, consistent schedule. Because I’m speaking it out loud now, it’ll be in the back of my mind everyday, forcing myself to follow through and stick with it! That’s how simple it can be!

What’s one thing you’re going to work on to make this week better?




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