Ipsy Glam Bags: Win or Fail?

Happy Monday T-belles! I want to start this post out by stating that Tori and myself have been loyal subscribers of the ipsy.com Glam Bag service for years now and as such have collected, not only a myriad of unique bags but also makeup and experience. Ipsy.com tries hard to meet the unique needs of a huge variety of young people who are seeking products that they need and even those they never knew they did. If you are makeup beginner, a trendy fashionista who knows her makeup, or anywhere else in between, try this service (or another one like it).

ipsy May Glam BagIpsy subscribers receive a monthly shipment of 5 unique products (all preset from selections you can personalize at any point) some that you may need and some you may never have heard of. In this edition of “Ipsy: Win or Fail” we’ll take a look at the products that Tori and I received from May’s Glam Bag (which we of course, opened up in June LOL)!

img_0878The first two products that came literally SPILLING out of the glamorous pink packaging were from a company called The SAEM, one a “Natural Acai Berry Mask Sheet” and the other “Natural-Tox Apple Mask Sheet”. The berry sheet mask is described as firming while the apple is described as “smoothening” and brightening. Clearly a Korean product (as the instructions were provided inimg_0880 Korean as well as English), the ingredients all look healthful for a beautiful complexion, there’s no alcohol and its mostly plant based.

win stampNext up is Feel Pure Balm in Rose tint. We nicknamed this one “hint of mint” because that is exactly what you will experience. It is a semi-shiny balm with a pleasant minty scent and it goes on thick enough to coat your lips, but not so much so that it’s messy. Overall, this one’s a win!

win stampimg_0893The next product received was 24/7 Eyeliner in Whiskey (which comes out as a coppery kind of brown), and it glimmers! I tested the shade on my hand for 24 hours and found that it lasted a solid 15 hours with no smudge! That’s a win!

Fail Stampimg_0881I received (yet another) Luxie #245 Small Shader Brush. I’ve received a Luxie brush in just about every glam bag I’ve ever received; I just about have a whole set at this point. I plan to use this brush as a touch-up brush when perfecting my eyebrows, but I’m a little sick of Luxie in general. Don’t get me wrong, they make great brushes, however I think Ipsy being in cahoots with specific brands to offer their products over img_0895others is wrong. Therefore this one’s a fail.

Next up … Makeup Forever Step 1: Base Primer. It has a light clean scent, and it applies very softly and light. When you squeeze the tube it comes out looking like milk, but feels very hydrating. It seems that Ipsy is also in cahoots with this brand as we seem to receive it over and over.

img_0884Fail StampI received Pretty Woman Nail Polish in Vacay which in one coat looks semi-tinted but after two coats comes out white. Originally I was dead-set on marking this product a win, in one coat, especially since it’s a vegan product and quick dry (one coat anyway). However, after further inspection and about 20 hours on my toenails, I definitely am not a fan of the shade, so it’s a fail.

img_0883img_0894Fail StampThe last product in both our bags was Estate Lip Icing in Goodie. Originally we were both kind of excited about this, until we realized that the tube is the exact shade of the gloss. It goes on not too sticky, which we appreciated, and the gloss was also flavorless which is sometimes hard to find. Although flavorless, it did have a light scent that reminded me of something fruity like coconut. The gloss had a glimmer and tint to it with a hint of pink. This was a definite fail for me.

The ipsy.com monthly Glam Bag Service is definitely worth trying if you need help exploring or want a break from your current makeup routine. As someone who doesn’t spend a lot of money on makeup, Ipsy helps me find products that are worth my time. I’ve definitely had my share of failure bags, but I’ve more than a few times been pleasantly surprised by a glam bag product that worked, and turned out to be relatively affordable.

Perhaps our next foray of makeup should be a look into the different makeup subscription services.

What are some of your favorites T-belles? Do you believe they’re all worth the hype? What are some of your favorite little known products?

I can’t wait to hear from you all!


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