10 Positive Affirmations You Need Today

Happy Tuesday T-Belles! For many of us, this is a holiday infested week. Between Canada Day and the Fourth of July, we all have some kind of vacay ahead! Most of us already have the day off tomorrow so how much of an #affirmationtuesday do we really need?!  Still, a whole lot. With that being said, here are ten positive affirmations to get you through today and the rest of this hectic week.

  1. Give what you hope to receive.
  2. Breathe, let whatever you want to come to you in, speak it aloud, exhale and let it go.
  3. It’s not a bad day, just a bad moment (or maybe a few of them).
  4. What you’re given on your plate is exactly what you can handle right now, be careful when trying to ask for more.
  5. You’re not going through this alone. Someone, somewhere feels exactly how you do too.
  6. You have too much strength to take the easy way out.
  7. You have to love the imperfections too, before anyone else ever will.
  8. Try again and again.
  9. Comparisons are silly. Focus on your path, not your neighbors, not strangers and not your friends.
  10. The day is still in your control, regardless of how left some things could’ve gone so far.



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  1. It’s always good to reminded that things are still under my control. Sometimes the day can get so crazy that it feels super easy to let that craziness make you lose your mind. But, once you learn the art of finding that calm atmosphere in the midst of chaos, it makes life a bit easier to navigate.

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