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Reflection Thursday: Keeping Your Goals in Check

Happy Thursday T-Belles! For many of us today is an “Ugh! Can’t we go back to bed?” kind of day. I know we just had a holiday, however now is not the time to start creating sloppy habits. I’d love to go back to bed right now but the reality is, it’s Thursday and we’ve got goals we need to achieve! You didn’t forget what they are did you? Today isn’t a day filled with lessons, T-Belles nor is it a day of slacking. Today is simply a day. I want you to do your best, no pity parties and no excuses. Remember the goals you want to achieve, then crush the day like nobody’s business.

That’s right, no matter what occurs: a holiday, a family emergency, etc. We can’t blame the universe for being in control of our lives, feelings and emotions. Today I want you all to look beyond yourselves. However, feel everything…hard.


Keep pushing forward T-Belles!



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