Habits You Have That Tarnish You

Happy #SpiritualitySunday, T-Belles! It’s been such a long time since we’ve last spoke, I know but I’m so glad to be back with you all! Lately I’ve just been so busy, and I know what you’re thinking: “so is this going to be a pattern every time you’re busy?” My answer: I don’t plan to but I can’t predict the future. So T-Belles after two weeks of realizations, reminders and new knowledge, one common motif kept resurfacing: the words you allow yourself to say and what they do to you.

“But the human tongue is a beast that few can master. It strains constantly to break out of its cage, and if it is not tamed, it will run wild and cause you grief,” – unknown

Words are powerful. Few of us understand that our words are what run/rule the world. For some odd reason, it’s a natural habit to speak your thoughts, fears, insecurities, etc out loud. However, there are right and wrong ways to use your voice. How many times have you said: “today sucks,” “I’m having such a bad day,” “things keep going worse for me,” among 1000 other phrases? How many times has that helped you get anywhere other than exactly what you were feeling or thinking? Slim to none. You need to know why: what you put into the universe is everything you’ll receive. Maybe this will help you start to realize you’re in control of your own destiny and no, your “bad day” won’t necessarily be better automatically but tomorrow you’ll forget all about it which is why we can’t let our minds linger on what we feel is wrong.

You’re having a rough day. A lot of obstacles have been coming your way. When you use words that aren’t concrete, you allow them space to grow and change. The next thing you should be doing instead of keeping yourself stuck in one place is say “why” every time. I know many of you may be sick of hearing “why” is the solvent to all problems. Sick of saying it and feeling like it’s not taking you anywhere but if it’s not taking you anywhere you’re not asking yourself why to every part of every circumstance. If you’re sick of hearing it’s the solution, maybe you haven’t tried it enough. So now we’ve transformed “things keep going worse for me” to “a lot of obstacles have been coming my way lately”. With our why, we now have: “A lot of obstacles have been coming my way lately but that must mean I have areas in my life and within my self that need growth and for that I am thankful.”

Stop making excuses for yourself and stop telling yourself things that aren’t there are. The second you stop allowing the cold you have to be a cold, the driver in front of you to grind your gears, or a few trying events that happened in your day, get to you, you begin to move and feel differently. No one can protect, strengthen and elevate your spirit like you can (which ultimately is the cost of your life and the future outcome of your desires). Reconfigure the words you say as well as the thoughts you think and start actually wanting to live for today, tomorrow and all else on its way.



What’s something negative that you constantly say that could be said in a more open-ended way?

Source: 26 Brilliant Quotes on the Super Power of Words // https://www.inc.com/peter-economy/26-brilliant-quotes-on-the-super-power-of-words.html)



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