monslayHappy Monday T-Belles! It feels like it’s been a while, doesn’t it? I’ve been trying to drag out the final moments of my summer vacation as my fall semester starts in exactly one week! Yes, I’m crying on the inside. But as I was sitting in bed earlier today, I figured I might as well prepare myself for the treacherous next few months (before Winter break). So I decided to get out of bed and be productive so that I don’t have that wave of panic the Saturday before school starts. I know many of you are in the same position whether you’re just starting school, starting a new job or just starting another week of your same routine. To help us allll get through it, here’s a little #MondayMotivation:

Source: we heart it // weheartit.com

Make every day the best day. Rumor has it that: “Monday’s are fine. It’s your life that sucks,” – Ricky Gervais. Go after what you want while spreading love and positivity today.

What’s your favorite part about Monday?


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