10 VMA Award Looks That Stole the Night

As soon as my mom and I sat down for dinner preparing for our few hours of binge-watching shows, we quickly fell into a panic. “THE VMA’S COMES ON TONIGHT?!”We shared half of a heart attack once realizing it had already been live on TV for an hour and immediately set the next showing up to record an hour and a half later. Of course, despite our priorities set for tomorrow morning, we managed to fit in another 3 hours of wine (margaritas in her case) and some rather harsh criticism (we’re all a little guilty right?) 

Now, I’ll be honest: I love award shows until I’m about 30 minutes in, then I have a strange urge to fast forward through the rest. Being said, other than the 2018 BET Awards, I haven’t even attempted to watch an awards show in years; mostly because it seems that a lot of them have lost their finesse. So, imagine my disappointment in the wardrobe while watching. Let me first say that I get it, it’s the VMA’s not the Met Gala. However, if I’m ever attending any awards show, I’m showing out. Why not??

There were, however, a few people that did catch my eye with looks that not just anyone could pay off, so without further a due…(I could totally be a host), here are my top 10:


Cardi B: The Red Sorceress

Of course, like a real queen, Cardi B had not one stunning dress BUT THREE! Not to mention how fabulous she looked after just having a baby a few weeks ago. Something about becoming a mother while staying a consistent hustler, has given Cardi B a whole new energy and I am so here for it. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Cardi, with this dress just know #QueenBardi has officially arrived.


Jennifer Lopez: Jenny from the Block

“I’m still, I’m still ____”. J Lo had so many gorgeous looks tonight and honestly I wasn’t surprised as she is definitely a huge fashion icon regardless of the opposition some may feel. The one look that absolutely blew me away was her bedazzled out, “jenny from the block” outfit. I mean…sweats?! The classic J-Lo that so many of us have forgotten as she’s blossomed came out tonight and Jennifer made it sure that no one should ever forget who she is and where she came from!


Ariana Grande: Young Goddess

Now, I’ve always had a love for Ariana Grande’s on stage outfits but tonight’s performance outfit was something else. Granted, I don’t keep up with Ariana Grande much at all and typically, Ariana’s a very casual/cozy kind of girl but when she steps out, she steps out – one of my favorite things about her. From the straight hair to the gold two piece and gold leopard print knee highs? Oh yeah, I’d wear that to lunch.


Sabrina Carpenter: The Greek Queen

I am a huge Sabrina Carpenter fan not just because of her astonishing voice but just because of who she is and the similarities I feel we share. For those of you who don’t know, she’s the 2018 definition of a mysterious, alluring, laid back girl who has hints of rebellion and shares a love for fashion. I admire the way she carries herself. As soon as I saw this look, the only thing I could think is: “what a woman”. 


Olivia Munn: Purple Rain

Olivia Munn is an actress I’d enjoy in any film. One of my favorite things about Olivia that I also share is that she doesn’t feel the need to force expression or emotion. In fact, many are concerned that there’s a lack thereof when it comes to Olivia but I can appreciate those who aren’t just walking around with a smile all day making the ones who aren’t feel guilty. This purple sequin dress is absolutely STUNNING. Honestly, if this dress were on anyone else, I’d have serious questions but from the thigh high slit, to the strapless top, this dress was just made for her!


Teyana Taylor: Modern Throw Back

Come on, Teyana Taylor is just THAT GIRL when it comes to her looks. Actually, Teyana admits herself on the premiere of her reality TV Show: “Teyana & Iman,”  that style and playing around with fashion is something she truly enjoys which I couldn’t agree more. Style is one of the most creative ways you can express yourself and explore your canvas, so you can imagine how hurt I am that I don’t have an infinite fashion budget. In all seriousness, Teyana Taylor brought just the right amount of edge alongside nostalgia in her baggy pants, reminding us how crazy it is for past eras to constantly resurface.


Post Malone: Avant-Garde

Some may say I’m being a little dramatic here and to an extent, I agree. Because honestly, it’s not about the suit, it’s about how Post Malone expresses himself as a man and as an artist. Post Malone has made it a mission of his to remind everyone to simply be who they are and that’s what I vouch for every single day so when I see someone else living in their truth and inspiring others, surely I’m 100% here for it. Okay…it’s kinda about the suit. 


Lenny Kravitz: The Individualist 

Listen, it’s Lenny Kravitz. Aka I don’t care what he has on, it looks great because that’s just his personality. Would I change a few things had I styled this on someone? Absolutely. Would I style this on someone? Debatable but…likely no. Before you start with your “how could you, it’s Lenny Kravitz,” remember that I’m sitting behind a laptop screen while he just finished granting someone award. Regardless of our opinions on Lenny’s VMA’s outfit, you and I can both admit the second we saw that piece of yellow gold in the center of our stage, our eyes were completely locked in and for a second, nothing else mattered.


Madonna: Free Spirit 

Okay, I know. Many are on the fence about this look and I’ll be honest I don’t know a lot about Madonna. But what I do know is that she is a dynamic staple to our entire music universe (& yes, I know why). I also know that despite of her trying past, and her bluntness, she is a super mellow, laid back person who “just wants to have fun” and in this outfit, I feel that.


Blake Lively: The Contrary

“She’s been wearing pantsuits all week, we get it”. Not sorry for my possible unpopular opinion, I could care less how many times she’s worn the same type of clothing piece. Most of us could agree that pantsuits on women are bold and daring which makes them so beautiful and compelling. Sure, I love variety and had she had brought some, she could of been one of the top stars on the current fashion list in the fashion world but she didn’t and let’s not forget why…yes, men, us ladies can wear pantsuits too. It’s almost 2019, we’re past these silly gender assignments.

Don’t forget, these opinions are completely my own but I’m curious, what was your favorite look of the night? 


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