Meet Tori: 2018 Edition

Good afternoon! I’ve noticed recently that the majority of the posts on our site are pretty serious and formal. Yes, that’s part of the brand that I love and am passionate about, but being serious all the time can get a little boring, can’t it? So, to get to know me quirks and all, I figured what better than a get to know me tag. As I spent many moments searching for a get to know me tag that was actually interesting, I came across the perfect one: “50 New Get To Know Me Tag Questions No One Asks”.

Are you named after anyone? 

After anyone? No. My grandma loves to say she named me Victoria because of her extreme love for the Victorian era but let’s be real, my name was thought of while being put on the spot the day I was born, it was never planned (and I absolutely love that!). 

What’s the first thing you notice about people? 

Fun fact: I’m an extremely analytical person (I know, I’m working on it). So, the first and most common thing I notice about people no matter how well I know them is their arm movements. Secondly, like a dork, it’s their voice. Both of these expose the natural emotions and feeling we try to hide and our probably one of the most self-reflective habits we have. 

All-Time Favorite Smell? 

For an every day smell, we currently love a good Black Cherry Merlot. 

Funniest Most Embarrassing Moment Throughout School: 

Tune into it on my next post – Most Embarrassing Moment In School: Back to School Advice.

3 Things That Make You Happy:

Exercise. Binge-watching TV. Extensive Conversations. 

How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had?

I’m an early bloomer in the sense that I’ve dated A LOT but I only choose to claim 2 or 3 of the relationships I’ve ever been in. 

One Word That Describes You:


Favorite Animal: 

I love elephants, I always will but the animals that really hit my soul are snakes, dragons (yes, all sorts still exist…)(yes, I’ve done my research), and jaguars. I have a big love for things that society automatically deems as scary or dangerous and honestly, how do you not find at least one of those completely adorable? 

If You Could Live Anywhere In The World Where Would You Live?

Anywhere overseas (I live in the US) or in Hawaii. It’s always been a dream of mine to live in Canada, Australia and something extremely different for me like Brazil or Bali. 

What’s Your Zodiac Sign? Do You Believe In It? 

I’M A TAURUS BABY. Do I believe in it? I practically swear by my zodiac sign. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t rely on it but it is a huge interest of mine. Check out my latest zodiac prediction! 

What is Your Least Favorite Thing About Yourself? 

This would probably have to be how analytical I am. Recently, I’ve been forcing myself not to think too hard or for too long but on a daily basis, I put about triple the effort into my thoughts and speech than the average person.

Who Are Some of Your Favorite YouTubers? 

If you visit these 6, tell them theTmedley sent you!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One Fashion Item You Really Want: 

renaissance leather totebond small leather backpackbaby box

Okay, you caught me, I only answered 13 of the 50 questions but when you see how long my answer is to my most embarrassing moment, I’m pretty sure you should be thanking me right now! 

Asking for a friend: Who are three of your favorite YouTubers? 


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