The Boost You Need for March

Urgent Announcement: Spring is Coming. 

Now that February has flown by, who else has noticed how fast this part of the year is going? I swear this used to be the slowest time of the year. And if any of you, T-Belles, made New Years resolutions like me, we don’t have a whole lot of time. 

Okay, we’re only two months in. BUT, once we get through March, Summer will be here before we know it. So, if there’s any time we need an extra boost to work even harder on all parts of our life but especially our goals, the time is now. So, I came up with an amazing list of tools and quotes that’ll help all of us get through this crucial month, take a look: 

1. The Triple D’s: Determined, Dedicated, Disciplined 

Screenshot_2019-02-28 Nastassia Ponomarenko ( nastassiaponomarenko) • Instagram photos and videos

Nastassia Ponomarenko

I stole this from the fitness inspiration herself, Nastassia Ponomarenko. If you’re ever having a lazy day, am overwhelmed by something, or slacking in any way, I can guarentee she’ll kick you right out of it.


2. The mantra we need to repeat to ourselves, every single day: “The harder I work, the greater I’ll feel”. That doesn’t mean overworking to the point that you’re pulling your hair out BUT it does mean that we need to work hard every single day to achieve our goals and more, asap. 

3. When you’re debating going to the gym, or having a hard time getting out of bed for work or school remind yourself that “if you want it, you have to go get it”. 

4. Most importantly, TREAT YOURSELF, TREAT YOURSELF, TREAT YOURSELF. What else is going to keep you going? One of my biggest resolutions, T-Belles, has been to get my dream body this year…I get frozen yogurt about three to four times a week after my workouts. No, I don’t do that every week. But, working hard is about balance. If you can’t reward your small successes, how are you going to get to the big ones? 

Okay, this was a very brief list. That’s because, we already have what it takes to get through March, these are just four things we need to remember. If we want to play hard, let’s work even harder. I’m curious to know: what’s one of your New Year resolutions and how has it been going? 

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