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October in Austin: Kids-Free Events

Usually, it’s not the adults who are getting excited for things like Halloween and Christmas. Why? Because everything is geared towards children or you have your own children and can recognize the storm coming far too fast. But let’s be honest, you can be 25 and still believe Santa Claus is real – at least enough to get on a Christmas Themed Booze Cruise on Lake Austin like the Austin Haunted Booze Cruise taking place for Halloween.

In my last post, I mentioned the recent turmoil I’ve been experiencing as I finish my LAST YEAR OF COLLEGE and what do you do in times of distress? You put all of your excitement into every little thing that distracts you. My family and I haven’t celebrated Halloween since I left elementary school, many years ago. In fact, our Halloween tradition consisted of us posting a note stating that we didn’t have candy, going out to a restaurant for a looong dinner, and then coming back home slipping into our bedrooms and keeping all of the lights off.

HOWEVER, that gets old quick and once you pass the glorious age of 21 – and are over the costume parties – you deserve to have an even better time than children participating. Think of it this way, you have to be an adult every single day, so look for the opportunities to go absolutely wild, as much as possible.

Of course, I understand that those of you with children may feel like it’s unrealistic considering you have to find babysitters, etc. or you’re not exactly in a rush to be away from your children for the holidays, but I’m granting you the exception to choose one weekend or one day to do something strictly for yourself and people your age. Here are 5 examples of kids-free events that will have you saying “I need to do this more often”.


1. Austin City Limits – I know what you’re going to say: “that’s more for college students,” but since when did that stop you from having fun? Bring a blanket and umbrella, enjoy the gorgeous Austin skyline with a great group of friends, drinks and good music. The best part is that ACL is so intimate that it feels like you have exclusive access to these huge artists; to me, it’s so much more worth it then. You’re never too old to roam around a festival, play a few games and ignore your problems for a day. Plus, when you’re over it you’ll be in the heart of the city and can maximize your self-care by checking out a new bar on Rainy Street or dining at a restaurant with a seamless Lake Austin view.

gruene2. First Weekend – one of the most magical ways to embrace the start of a new month, I’m pretty much obsessed with them. Gather a group of your friends or family members and go to a new city’s market days. These happen every first weekend and can either be super charming – when you go to cute small towns like Gruene, Texas – or enthralling when you’re in a bigger city; however, there is no in between and that’s the WORST it can get. This is the perfect day trip to make because after you explore the market filled with all of these unique trinkets and goodies, go explore downtown, stop at a bar then check out some boutiques and get some food. This is what people mean when they say “retail therapy”.


3. Oktoberfest – I know. We’re not in Germany, I’m bummed too and one day I will get to live the true experience their oktoberfest brings. But, why should that stop us? Throughout the entire month there will be many bars doing at least one kind of oktoberfest celebration that you’ll enjoy. Whether it’s Rocktoberfest, Pet-Toberfest, they’re all fundamentally the same. Even greater news, if you don’t want to go to a bar check out your local restaurants and churches because they usually celebrate too! Of course these will be more family-friendly, but you can still experience the oktoberfest of a lifetime.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Barton Hill Farms Entrance

4. Pumpkin Patch – yes, I’m aware that pumpkin patches are usually things you do with your kids. However, have the grandparents take the kids to the pumpkin patch with their cousins. With the adults, take a backpack cooler filled with beverages like canned Rose and wine, get lost in a corn maze, do some archery, play festive games, listen to live music, dance with the band and find a pumpkin or two for decoration rather than for carving. I recommend Barton Hill Farms just outside of Austin;when you drive up, take the scenic route.

fredericksburg5. Fredericksburg’s Food and Wine Festival – I had to save the best for last. If you got this far, you might as well start booking your overnight trip now. It’s not hard to find a reason to go to Fredericksburg, but it can be difficult finding time to actually go. This is the one time that you can’t make an excuse to get out of it. As of right now, tickets are only $25 and it’s the weekend right before Halloween. Give yourself some separation from the kids so that you’re refreshed and don’t mind trick or treating 2 hours over the cutoff time you thought you had set in stone with your kids. This could be the perfect date night and I’d hate for you to miss out so make your plans now!

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