Sensitive and Soft: The Skincare Essentials that are in!


Hey T-belles! I have been looking forward to sharing my skincare routine with you all since this all began and I though what better opportunity than Skincare Saturdaywell, something like that!

I want to start out by letting you all know that I have had to be very gentle on my skin as it is very sensitive. I am allergic to just about everything: dyes, fragrances, all of it. I have to be very careful about what I use on my skin, and when I find something that works well, I am loyal to it.My whole life, has been ups and downs of having rashes and figuring out how to be rid of them, and keeping my skin so soft that even strangers ask (and sometimes don’t) if they can touch my face in public!

NeutrogenaSportFaceSunscreenSo firstly, the thing I do every day without fail, no matter the season or anything is apply Neutrogena Sport Face Sunscreen SPF 70+! This stuff goes on smooth, and doesn’t have a harsh sunscreen scent. It’s waterproof for 60 minutes and of course, reapply after water/sun exposure but it works well! Not only for keeping me from getting burned, but moisturizing my skin without an oily residue.

Next up I want to talk about a specific brand that has honestly changed the way I look at cleaning my face and the meat of this article. This brand is sold at all sorts of places including Ulta and Macy’s but it’s also widely sold at CVS, Walgreens, and if you’re a shopper like me, it’s at Target too! They have everything from cleansers, moisturizers, wipes, peels, masks; you name it and they probably have a product to fit your needs.

The tagline on all their products reads as follows: “Formula 10.0.6 excels at perfecting troublesome young skin with ingredients that work. Created by a chemist in 1933, the current range now includes skin care products specifically designed to promote clear, healthy skin.” Although not specifically designated, I have personally used most of their products on my sensitive skin and never had a reaction, always test a region of your skin before beginning a regimen on your face if you have sensitive skin, but my experience with this brand has been excellent. I’ll briefly discuss a few of my personal favorite products with this brand.


First is the Pores Be Pure Skin Clarifying Mud Mask, and it’s first because it’s the first Formula 10.0.6 product that got me hooked! This mask contains strawberry and yarro as it’s first two activating ingredients in the tagline. This is truly a brown mud mask with a sweet berry scent and a smooth glide application. It unclogs pores and helps cleanse skin of impurities. This mask must be dried for 10-15 minutes (I always leave mine on the length of a 25 minute Netflix show) and always remember to apply to your neck as well as your face (avoiding eye area of course). The bottle states to perform this regimen 1-3 times a week, but I find that I only really have time maybe twice a week and that’s enough for my finicky skin.

PMPerfectorNext up, the P.M. Perfector Overnight Hydrating Cream with Black Currant and Licorice and this one’s next because once I got hooked on the masks, I realized that a nighttime hydration would help make my daytime results long-lasting. I prefer this night cream because of how lightly it goes on compared to other creams that are thick and feel oily. This one truly feels moisturizing and leaves a light sweet scent that makes it easy to drift to sleep. Once I added this to my routine, 24 hours of moisturized skin was truly a reality.

Seriously Shine Free Moisturizer

Once I determined that moisturizing was clearly an issue for me, I had to find a daytime moisturizer that made me feel as glamorous and oil-free as my night cream did. This Seriously Shine Free Mattifying Oil-Free Moisturizer includes aloe vera and bamboo and truly is no shine. It goes on and leaves your skin feeling hydrating but not wet or damp. There’s zero shine and makeup or not, it goes with everything else. This is always my next layer after sunscreen now, and if you ever do suffer a burn, the aloe vera in this is enough to hydrate and not over-moisturize a burn.


My last product that I want to highlight is the Be Berry Smooth Moisturizing Peel Mask with blueberry and pineapple. Now anyone that knows me, knows that I despise coconut and pineapple, however in this scenario I’ll leave it be. This mask provides so much moisture and has a strong berry scent. The antioxidants found in blueberries have been documented widely, thus this peel delivers in the healthful department. The pineapple is honestly a refreshing balance of scent with the blueberries. It awakens all of your senses and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. I will warn you that the peel off parts of this do not belong on facial hair and if you don’t let it dry completely (approximately 20 minutes) it will not peel off in one go ahead. This mask I apply once or twice a week depending on how dry the air has been making my skin feel.

I support each of these products as someone who has sensitive and soft skin that she wants to maintain. I definitely recommend adopting a skincare routine, even if it doesn’t involve these products. These are just a few of my favorites, and I don’t just support anything. What about you all T-belles, what do you stand behind? What works for your skin?


12 Ways To Simplify the Mind


I’m back!! What a long but necessary break I’ve had! Many of you know I’m a full time student currently in an accelerated summer semester and bracing myself for a fall semester full of 18 credits. With that being said, your patience is appreciated. I’ve been dying to get back in my schedule of writing posts while still keeping balance of all other aspects of my life. And since the summer being a reward after a hard days work won’t be around for much longer, I know I’m not alone. Because some of us are entering a frenzy, others of us are attempting to fulfill new goals and challenges and the rest of us may be trying to figure out what we want for the rest of the year, what’s better than learning 12 ways to simplify the mind? 

For most of my life, many have stressed themselves out trying to understand why I’m hardly ever stressed but to me, it’s simple: I don’t hold onto things that don’t pertain to what’s in front of me at each given moment. Right about now you’re probably saying: “yeah, right,” but you can do it too and this is how:

  1. Every morning and night, go over what you need to get done during the (following) day. Don’t go over your agenda more than twice, don’t overthink or over complicate your list in any way. Focus on the simple tasks that must be fulfilled then do them. img_3712
  2. Give yourself “me time” every day: Before bed, have an hour to yourself. When you wake up, watch a show (something to get you ready for the day – ted talk, motivational speech) before you jump straight into your day.
  3. Bouncing off number 2, save your leisure time for the evening. I love a good reality TV show (currently obsessed with 90 Day Fiance + Married At First Sight), BUT that is my reward for getting through a productive day.img_3716
  4. Remember that productive doesn’t have to mean you were active for every moment of the day. As long as you complete your simple tasks, you win. 
  5. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I know, I can’t believe I said that either but seriously – if you need a break, take a break. Take several. It took me years to realize overworking myself for the sake of my pride and “work ethic” didn’t mean much if I felt so drained at the end of every day.
  6. When you take breaks or have down time throughout the day, make sure you’re doing something that’ll enrich you: exercise, watch a movie in another language, meditate, etc. Your brain will be so focused on what’s next that you’ll forget what you were doing 30 minutes before. img_3720
  7. Save yourself by doing tasks in intervals: The last thing you want to do is clean the house after a stressful day at work but give yourself 30-45 minutes to straighten up and see how far that takes you!
  8. De-clutter your phone: Many of us are guilty of holding onto way too many e-mails, text messages and apps that we either don’t use or don’t need anymore. Here’s a tip: if you’re not going to reply, get rid of it. If you haven’t touched the app in 30 days, why have it?
  9. De-clutter your bad habits: It’s okay to play that word game or spend hours on social media but spread it out. With those as your main hobbies, you train your brain to get into more of a routine meaning you’re not getting much out of these! img_3722
  10. Re-approach what stresses you out the most: So you have a hard time figuring out what to wear in the morning? Plant the idea of what you’re going for in your head the night before (only items you actually have in your wardrobe). Make sure your laundry is done for no surprises. Hold yourself accountable and plan before you conquer. 
  11. Don’t forget the extent in which you need to be selfish. Evaluate the problems, you’re allowing yourself to hold onto that aren’t yours. It’s great to be an ear for everybody, I consider myself one too, but know not to let those things consume you. img_3713
  12. For some extra clarity, drink water. “I drink water every day and it doesn’t do anything for me,” I get it, but I promise that once you successfully complete the other 11 steps, your mind will start quieting and every time you drink water it’ll be like you’re learning some kind of new knowledge. Water has a funny way of getting rid of the excess. 

Remember: your mind does what it tells you too. I promise if you can force yourself to stop thinking about work/school, your latest family/friends gossip as well as your desires for 20 minutes and completely silence the mind (no it’s not hard when you really try), you won’t believe what just happened. img_3724

What’s your beloved stress-reliever?



Habits You Have That Tarnish You


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Reflection Thursday: Keeping Your Goals in Check

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10 Positive Affirmations You Need Today

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Words That’ll Keep Your Head In the Game

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Ipsy Glam Bags: Win or Fail?

Happy Monday T-belles! I want to start this post out by stating that Tori and myself have been loyal subscribers of the Glam Bag service for years now and as such have collected, not only a myriad of unique bags but also makeup and experience. tries hard to meet the unique needs of a huge variety of young people who are seeking products that they need and even those they never knew they did. If you are makeup beginner, a trendy fashionista who knows her makeup, or anywhere else in between, try this service (or another one like it). Continue reading

Makeup Find Monday: My 5 Product Face

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Fashion Fri-Yay: 4th of July Edition

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Skincare Saturday: Hydration Station

img_2701Happy #nationalhydrationday T-Belles! I don’t know about you but there aren’t too many things I love more than skin that naturally radiates on it’s own all day. You know, that moisturized without trying look. One glance at you turns into three long stares in admiration and suddenly everyone wants to ask you what product you have on your face giving you that luscious glow but instead you get to say “nope that’s just me”. Take it from me, looking for the right products can be A PAIN! I’m going to be sharing a #skincaresecret that most of us if not all will love and use. Not to mention it’s 100% free and only takes 3 minutes or less.

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5 Best Cardio Workouts – No Gym Required

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How To Love Yourself A Little More & Why

“Of all the people I’ve hurt, I’ve hurt myself the most; I owe myself an apology.”

– autumn

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Makeup Find: Lancôme Defencils

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How To Get Rid of Dry Skin

dry flowersHappy  Saturday T-Belles! Today is #skincaresaturday. Why dedicate a whole Saturday to skincare? Simple, most of us need help. I was lucky to have healthy skin growing up even though my parents had to force me to wash my face most of the time. I used to think “skin is just skin, how important could it be”. As I got older my skin progressively regressed. My skin got so bad at one point that even my makeup wanted to jump off of my face. As someone who loves a beat face (at least 4 times a week), I’ve been working to revitalize my skin by trying different products with natural ingredients. Of course, it’s been hit or miss, but after much experimentation, I’ve found products that work for me. I have many recommendations that you’ll slowly get to know. Today I want to share two products that have drastically changed my skin in a short time … Continue reading

5 Songs I’ve Been Blasting All Month

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5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent 2Life is an obstacle course. At times we question how we’re going to battle with it. Well, the secret is to constantly evolve. As with anything, eventually you have to conform and then re-conform, over and over again. The problem? Many of us are too afraid of change to want to try. Let me give you a few undeniable reasons why reinvention is crucial. Continue reading

The To-Do List: 05/28 – 06/04

d9d5af85-a128-4739-9610-1f93e0494d4bWelcome back, T-Belles and Happy Memorial Day! I just had a birthday recently. It was a 3 day long event that took me a week to recover from. Because of this, I’ve gotten way off track when it comes to productivity.  To get back on schedule, I’ve decided to post my weekly to-do lists here so that you all can not only hold me accountable but can be a little more encouraged to get what you need to get done as well. Let’s jump right into to my goals for this week! Continue reading

How I Organize My Closet

33e988e8-106d-4e7f-86e8-676a00c7d715-1Those of you struggling with how to organize a small closet may find this helpful. For the last few months, I’ve been trying to find a closet organization system that works for me. My main issue is trying to figure out how to accommodate for all of my  wardrobe for the various seasons. I have a major closet renovation coming up that I’ll share. In the meantime, I had to reorganize and find a simple system that would work for me now.

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20 Things I Learned At 20


When you’re a child, “they” always say life goes by fast and before you know it you’re 50 wondering where the time went. At some point your teenage years will feel as if they are dragging, but as soon as you hit 19, 20, then suddenly you’re 21, you realize that “they” weren’t lying. I was fortunate enough to become a full adult (21) this past May 17th and have since had a crazy, nostalgic feeling. Not only do I feel like a profound new woman, because I am a new woman but also a bit bitter as I further pull away from my childhood years. To embrace this new chapter of my story, I decided to reflect on the 20 years of lessons that got me to 21. Continue reading